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Leisau and Primrose

want you to borrow with confidence.

Leisau and Primrose both used to work for the Department of Finance and Treasury of the Government Republic of Vanuatu (for 14 years and 19 years respectively).

They both resigned a few years ago because they were eager to try new experiences and new challenges. They saw the need for a micro lending service through the frequency of borrowing they witnessed by people within their spheres. 


They both observed that even in the public sector, individuals often need to borrow money for short term needs, in order to sustain themselves and their families, something which can not be easily obtained from commercial banks.

They realized that they can turn these borrowing needs and its challenges into an investment opportunity for them while at the same time making a difference. This is the innovative part of their project: offering something more affordable in terms of borrowing cost, fees and interest rates.

They both thought about a project of micro loans and researched the subject separately. It was meant to happen! Primrose contacted Leisau as soon as she came back from Australia.


Primrose and Leisau are both qualified and passionate about this project initiative. Their previous employment experiences has made them a good team and they have since then developed a network where people know them for their ability and  trustworthiness. 

With their professional and educational background, they are uniquely skilled actors to help the less privileged and assist them personally with their financial needs.

When asked about the future, Leisau and Primrose confess that they would like to see people improve their lives and general well being, while helping their families to grow. They attach particular importance to supporting families so that they can finance the education of their children.

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