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LendingEdge Solutions is a Certified Business in Vanuatu: 


LendingEdge Solutions is a micro lending business that attends to the financial needs of working people and average income earners who have very limited or no access to loans provided by commercial banks, financial institutions or even other micro lending businesses.

So you might think we are just another of those lending businesses in town, right?  No, let me assure you, we are not. Our interest rates are very competitive ranging from 2% - 10% ONLY. Do you get these rates anywhere else? If not, I encourage you to try our products. Please go to our loan product page to get more information.

Do you wonder why we offer very competitive rates? Because firstly, we are putting ourselves in the position of those who are least fortunate to borrow from high interest lending businesses and secondly, we are eager to help people rise up from where they currently are and to new heights in terms of their welfare and the welfare of their family.


At the same time, we will also benefit in part from this partnership. Below is our list of services;

>> “Our vision is to build a unique brand of loan products that will become the lead choice and preference for our customers.”

>> “Our mission is to provide a professional, reliable and trusted microloan services that will assist individuals in achieving their goals in life with lesser financial burdens

  • We have five different loan products designed just to meet your borrowing ability;

  • We have greatly reduced and very competitive interest rates ranging from 2% - 10% only. We know you don’t get this anywhere else.

  • We have the initiative to move into digital lending that is possible in this time and age. This means, we can make business with you mostly online. You can just simply fill up our forms, send it through email or through our website, and after we assess and approve your application, we can also disburse funds directly into your bank account through the use of internet banking irrespective of which commercial bank you are using.

  • We also offer loan re-financing services. If you are currently being charged with a high interest rate on a loan with another lending business and you are interested for us to refinance your loan because of the low interest rates that we are offering, come see us. We will help you make some savings on your repayment amounts.

  • We will provide quality service to the expectation of our customers. 

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